get to know me meme[2/10] favourite movies
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THE MAGIC BEGINS - Day 12: Favourite canon ship/couple
F L E U R  &  B I L L

She was the brightest witch of Beauxbatons 
and now even the goblins of Gringotts are forced to recognize her brilliance

He was the golden boy of Hogwarts 
and now he’s breaking curses no one else’s ever heard of for a living

She is so beautiful she almost becomes ugly
His disfiguration make him more alluring

She likes silk underwear and crosswords
He enjoys raiding tombs and sudoku

Friday night’s game night at Shell Cottage

She yells at him in French when she gets angry
He learns the language just to shout back
(and never miss a word of what she’s saying)

People call her snotty and vain
She puts a comforting hand on his tense arm when he wants to break their necks

People call him arrogant and self-centered
He wraps her in a bear hug when her nails are turning into talons

She loves him
He claims he loves her more

They compromise

… when you said your last goodbye, i died a little bit inside.

Your heart, the moon-
where love cannot survive,
never allowed to flourish
inside your chest,
to tangle roots across
the labyrinth of your ribs.

You have coated your skin in silver,
painting your body into
something unearthly,
something deadly,
something that shall
never fail you.

Your teeth,
filed sharp into arrowheads,
destined for tearing men’s
hearts out of their chests
because this is the hunt
and they’ve never served you
in any other way.

Holiness for you
was always in the quiet
of the world,
never in the flesh of another.

The blood you lick from your lips
must taste like freedom.

— Emily Palermo, Artemis (via wintersolder)

"Best not to be caught, then."


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